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Oklahoma Sooners Football Recruiting | Sooners Raiding Baylor 2016 Class?

Parrish Cobb
Parrish Cobb
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While the dust has yet to settle on the disgusting mess of what has happened and what is still taking place in Waco, we have now entered officially open season on the Baylor class of 2016. First we have the super weird story of Devin Duvernay, a 4-star WR who for some unfathomable reason is free to attend any school of his choosing because of a Baylor mistake with letter of intent.

Now another group of players are asking for their full release from Baylor. In this list includes two players that I believe will wind up in Norman. These players are 4-Star DB Parrish Cobb and 4-Star DE/OLB Brandon Bowen.

Cobb was a longtime Sooner commit before flipping just a few days before National Signing Day. He infamously posted a vine of he and his family on a pontoon boat during his official visit to Waco. It appears that Cobb will pursue other options going forward

Because of the relationship between Sooners defensive back coach Kerry Cooks and Cobb, it would be hard to bet on the the Sooners not landing Cobb, should the pursue them (and by all accounts they will).

Brandon Bowen seemingly was rock solid to Baylor before a late visit to OU. There was talk of him potentially switching to the Sooners, but  that quickly subsided and he was locked in to the Bears. Well that appears to no longer be the case, and again the Sooners have every chance to land another impact player from the class of 2016.

One lingering question remains as to when/if Baylor will release this group of players from their Letter of Intents. While I don't expect immediate resolution, the worst thing that Baylor could do would to further hurt their recruiting, would be to alienate and upset Texas high school football coaches.

Prediction: OU lands Cobb and Bowen and has a puncher's chance with Duvernay