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Big XII Reinstates Championship Game, Toys With Idea Of Divisions

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this year, a rule change allowed the Big XII Conference to host a championship game despite playing home to ten programs. Following the decision, Bob Bowlsby stated, "this vote does not automatically mean the Big 12 will implement a football championship game."

However, the representatives from around the conference gathered unanimously agreeing to reinstate the Big XII Championship Game in 2017. Of course, this occured a mere 5 months after the rule change. Along with the announcement, Bowlsby also mentioned the likelihood of two divisions.

How will the conference be divided? That portion has been left to the imagination.

Regionally, the landscape tends to favor a split dividing the Oklahoma Sooners in the South, if you will, and the Oklahoma State Cowboys in the North. The grouping pairs OU with the remaining schools located in the state of Texas. On the other side, the Cowboys are paired with the rest.

Yet, none of it matters in the grand scheme as the conference must retain the round-robin format. Until an addition bumps the Big XII to twelve or more schools, the conference championship will continuously set the scene for a rematch. At least we won't have shared titles anymore...right?