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Oklahoma Sooners Baseball Parts Ways With Pinzino, Tells Of Bigger Story

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Rich DeCray

The Oklahoma Sooners came into the season hoping to ride the experienced arms of Alec Hansen and Jake Elliot into the post season. Unfortunately, that's not exactly how things played out possibly leading to the departure of pitching coach Jamie Pinzino.

At this point, Pinzino looks forward to securing a job closer to family as his wife, Cheryl Milligan currently coaches the softball team at Tufts University in Massachusetts. Securing three consecutive national championships at the Division III level, it does not appear as though Milligan is set to leave any time soon.

But, the real question is: does the departure of Pinzino point toward a more pressing issue?

After the struggles this season while failing to reach the NCAA Tournament, my opinion is that the program looked for someone to pin the blame on. Knowing the coaching staff relied heavily on young talent to carry a majority of the weight, the finger immediately points toward the pitching coach as the "fall-man."

However, what it tells me is that Pete Hughes must produce a post-season berth into the NCAA Tournament or he may very well be the next to go.