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Oklahoma Sooners Football | Baker Mayfield and The Stupidity of the Big 12

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At this point, the next good decision the Big 12 makes will be the first good decision they make. Yesterday the Big 12 had a split vote of 5-5 regarding Baker Mayfield regaining the lost year of eligibility when transferring from Texas Tech to OU. This decision essentially ended any hope of Mayfield regaining his lost year of eligibility.

If you remember, Mayfield walked on to Texas Tech, and won the starting job his freshman year. He had not yet received a scholarship from Texas Tech, and there was a definite falling out with Kliff Kingsbury and the Red Raiders which led to Mayfield's transfer to OU. Because of this transfer, Mayfield lost a year of eligibility even though he never had a scholarship.

The crazy logic put forward for denying him an extra year of eligibility was essentially this:

If they allow Mayfield the extra year it would encourage other schools to court walk-ons in the Big 12 with the promise of a full ride scholarship. While I guess this could be the case, the reality is this decision didn't take into consideration at all what was best for the student athlete. As you can guess, the reaction to the decision was beyond bad by the national media. If you don't believe me check out the following articles.

Even Sooners coach Cale Gundy chimed in with these words on twitter.

So here is where the story is taking a turn that could end up righting the wrong.

So if you are keeping score at home here is the summary:

1. Baker Mayfield's extra year of eligibility was denied yesterday.

2. The negative backlash to the decision was overwhelming and beyond correct.

3. Now the Big 12 is reconsidering it's ruling.

Here are a couple of quick thoughts from us on the situation. First this never should have had to happen the way it did. For the life of me, I will never understand why coaches don't give players a full release to transfer to any school of their choosing. Texas Tech could have made this a non-issue several years ago, but didn't.

If Baker Mayfield were a 3rd string safety, this would have probably been a non-issue and he would have been granted the extra year. Former Sooner Gabe Ikard had this to say on twitter regarding the situation.

In the end, I sincerely hope the Big 12 makes the right decisions and corrects all of the ridiculousness surrounding Mayfield. However, with the Big 12, I've come to expect the worst.