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Four Players That Will Be Difference Makers For Oklahoma’s Offense In 2016

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Oklahoma's offense was both powerful and explosive in 2015 but in the two biggest games of the season (Texas & Clemson) they were overpowered by stronger defensive fronts. In 2016 they return a lion's share of top-tier talent and these four guys may be the ones who make the biggest difference.

Quarterback Baker Mayfield | Good news Oklahoma fans, we get two more seasons of "Shake & Bake"! What Mayfield accomplished on the field in 2015 was incredible (3,700 passing yards/43 total TDs) but the way he rallied his team around himself is even more impressive. Both sides of the ball stepped it up last fall and both sides gave credit to Mayfield for being their unquestionable leader.

Running Back Samaje Perine | I'm still pretty convinced that we will see Perine play his final collegiate season this fall but there are two factors that may contribute to him returning one more season; health and Baker Mayfield. Perine has yet to complete a season at 100% and the fact that Mayfield could be back in 2017 will certainly give Oklahoma's raging bull of a running back something to think about. Regardless, he's going to be the key figure for the Sooners in 2016.

Running Back Joe Mixon |He certainly lived up to the hype in 2015 and now it's a must for Oklahoma to find more ways to get the ball in his hands in 2016. I would look for Mixon to have an increased role in the passing attack as well as more carries.

Offensive Tackle Orlando Brown | He's big (6-8/357), he's powerful, and he's going to serve as the leader of Oklahoma's offensive line. Having him lined up next to junior guard Jonathan Alvarez would cause me to believe that the Sooners are going to run a bunch of plays to the left side this year.