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Round Table Discussion | Best Quarterback In The Big 12, Not Named Baker Mayfield, And Why?

If there's only one thing that folks know about Big 12 Football it's that the conference loves to sling the ball around. It's also pretty well know that Oklahoma has the best signal caller in the conference, but who is the second best and how close is he to Baker Mayfield. Here's our discussion. Please feel free to chime in on the comments section.

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Best Quarterback in the Big 12 not named Baker Mayfield?

Matt: I have to go with Baylor's Seth Russell but it comes with a huge question mark. I think that Russell may be the best NFL quarterback prospect among Big 12 starters but his health remains an issue. He was able to return for spring drills but was held out of contact, for obvious reasons, and yet he managed to suffer an injury. Give me a healthy Seth Russell and it's a no-brainer of a decision. This current version of Seth Russell has me less confident.

Donnie: I'm going to assume that everyone we are discussing is completely healthy. I also will base my thoughts on college production and not NFL projections. So with that being said you have to give the nod to Seth Russell, but I wouldn't object to anyone saying Patrick Mahomes. Russell pre-injury was a likely heisman finalist.

However, I am not so sure Russell will put up numbers like he did last season as Jarrett Stidham will be like a "fire breathing dragon" constantly placing pressure on whoever is the Baylor head coach next season to play him.nMahomes is a really good player, but TTech still has talent deficiencies which make his on the field play inconsistent.

Rich: Hands down, it has to be Baylor's Seth Russell. Not many signal callers can match the level of talent this kid possesses. Before suffering a neck injury, the dual-threat QB accounted for 35 touchdowns through seven games, only throwing six interceptions. While KD Cannon takes over as the top target, the Bears must replace a majority of the offensive line. If the senior completes a 12 game slate without any setbacks, Russell could easily find himself walking away with a handful of awards at the season's end.

Of course, my argument becomes moot if Jarrett Stidham wins the starting job.

So we all like Russell as the next guy down from Baker Mayfield, give me a couple other guys that should at least be in the conversation.

Matt: Patrick Mahomes is a good option to look at but his turnover problems cause me to back away a little bit. If you're looking for the gunslinger mentality then West Virginia's Skyler Howard most certainly in the conversation (along with Mahomes), but I thing the real answer may be just a bit north of Baker Mayfield. I think O-State's Mason Rudolph is pretty talented. I just don't know what kind of targets he's going to have to work with.

Donnie: The next group begins and ends with Patrick Mahomes and Mason Rudolph. Both are quality quarterbacks that would start at bunches of schools around the country. In fact, I think Rudolph will be a future first round pick. Being a notch below Mayfield and Russell is no slight at all.

Rich: I actually think Kenny Hill could have quite the season after sitting out due to the transfer rule. Witnessing the production from Hill at Texas A&M, the dual-threat quarterback should thrive in a system catered toward the transfer's specific skill set. With two years of experience under his belt, I believe Hill could be the sleeper of the conference at the position.