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2016 Oklahoma Sooners Football Countdown To Kickoff | 82 Days!

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Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

On October 4th 1980 the Oklahoma Sooners set a school record with an 82-point performance against the Colorado Buffaloes at Folsom Field, in Boulder. Leading 34-21 at the half Oklahoma rolled up forty-eight second half points in route to their 82-42 win in front of 46,980 fans.

The Sooners also set a school record for most offensive yards in one game with 875. In all, at least 51 NCAA, Big Eight Conference, Colorado/Oklahoma team, or Folsom Field records were broken -€” and five more tied.

NCAA records:

-€” Most points scored, both teams: 124 (this record lasted until 2001 -€” Middle Tennessee State 70, Idaho 58, for 128 total points)

-€” Most touchdowns scored, both teams: 18

Big Eight records:

-€” Most Extra points attempted, game: 11 (Michael Keeling)

-€” Highest average gain per kickoff return, game: 53.3 (CU's Walter Stanley -€” 3 for 160 yards)


-€” Most yards gained, Colorado and opponent: 1,205 (OU 875; CU 330)

-€” Most points scored losing a game: 42

-€” Highest kickoff return average, game: 44.8

-€” Most touchdowns allowed, game: 12

-€” Most touchdowns allowed, rushing, game: 10

-€” Most yards allowed, game: 875

-€” Most rushing yards allowed, game: 758

-€” Most points allowed, game: 82


-€” Most rushing yards, opponent, game: 258 (David Overstreet)

-€” Highest rushing average, opponent, game:  50.3 (Darrell Shepard -€” 3-for-151)

-€” Most extra points attempted, opponent, game: 11 (Michael Keeling)

-€” Most extra points made, opponent, game: 10 (Michael Keeling)