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Why Charles Tapper Will Thrive with the Dallas Cowboys

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Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today the official Dallas Cowboys twitter account tweeted out that Charles Tapper has signed his rook contract with the Dallas Cowboys.

Here are the specifics of the contract:

Total Value: $2.912,880

Signing Bonus $617,880

So now that we have knowledge that Charles Tapper is a millionaire, we also should look at what is ahead of him as he now transitions to the NFL. Here are the reasons that Tapper has every chance to be a star in Dallas (pun intended)

Defensive End Depth Chart

Unless you are a hardcore Dallas Cowboy fan, you probably can't name any defensive end on the Cowboys roster outside of Randy Gregory (and he is a complete unknown at this point). It's basically Demarcus Lawrence, Jack Crawford and a bunch of young guys that no one knows anything about. Tapper couldn't ask for a more wide open depth chart as he begins his career.

Tapper's Talent/Skill Set

Not many people can run a 4.59 40 yard dash at 6-3/270. Further Tapper more than held his own in a defense that didn't really showcase his skill set. Tapper played in a 3-4 at OU, which means he was not called on to a be a pass rusher as much as a guy who could occupy lineman and hold up at the point of attack. In a 4-3, Tapper will be able to show off arguably his best skill set, rushing the passer.

Dallas Offense

Assuming Romo can make it through the next several seasons healthy, the Cowboys are stacked on offense. The Cowboys offensive line, wide receivers, tight end, and now quite possibly Ezekiel Elliot give the Cowboys an offense that most teams in the NFL would die for. The best defense is oftentimes an offense that has the ability to grind it out, and make huge plays in the passing game. This will only help the Cowboys defense, and Tapper.

Final Thoughts

Barring injury, Tapper is a guy that could be inking a big deal in a few years after his rookie contract His ceiling is incredibly high and he is walking into a team that has a huge need at his position. I can't wait to see Tapper live up to his billing.