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2016 Oklahoma Sooners Football Countdown To Kickoff | 96 Days!

Brett Deering/Getty Images

On October 16, 1948 the Oklahoma Sooners blasted the Kansas State Wildcats 42-0 in front of their home crowd in Norman, Oklahoma. It was the third consecutive OU win in a series of ten in a row to close out the season. What's notable about this game is that Darrell Royal set an Oklahoma Football record with a 96-yard punt return.

Yes, that Darrell Royal! Way before he was ever a Texas Longhorn Royal was a Sooner. A native of Hollis, Oklahoma, Royal was an All-American quarterback and punter for the Sooners. He later went on to coach for Texas and subsequently become the school's athletic director. Just like Mack Brown though his success was set up by accomplishments in Norman (Brown was Oklahoma's offensive coordinator for the 1985 national championship team).

So the next time your Texas friends want to give you a hard time about Oklahoma's roster being stocked full of players from the Lone State state, remind them where two of their all-time coaches came from. Yes, Texas, your stadium is named after a Sooner!