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Texas Longhorns 15 - Baylor Bears 3 | Post Game Quotes

Texas Head Coach Augie Garrido

Opening Statement: "I think this is the best game we played in this last period of time; where the pitching matched up with the offense and the defense in both sides of the ball. We did a good job of handling the fundamentals of the game. I thought the hitters found a balance between being aggressive and patient, as a result I continued to take quality at bats to offset the momentum Baylor was trying to get back. Morgan Cooper did a great job. Tres (Barrera) and his teammates did a good job against (Drew) Tolson and as a result we played well on both sides of the ball."

On what was different with his team today: "I thought the difference was the way we laid off pitches outside the strike zone, and the way we battled with a 3-2 count. We won a lot of 3-2 counts today where we either took the walk or hit the ball hard. We weren't out of control very often, and I think our bats were pretty consistent today."

Morgan Cooper

On the team's turn around: "Last night we just knew that we had to wake up and come ready to play. It is not a big deal, we get excited about coming to play. Whenever we woke up, we had our breakfast and came ready to go. Got on the field. It was another opportunity as Tres (Barrera) said."

Tres Barrera

On his team's performance: "I know we haven't won that many games, but this team has stayed together through it all. We being going through a lot of fire together, usually when team go through that they separate and blame each other, but this team has not done that. Coach says every day is an opportunity to keep the momentum going. I didn't want for this to be the last time we got to wear the uniform this year. We came out and fought hard."

Baylor Head Coach Steve Rodriguez

Opening Statement: "Funny story, about 24 years ago playing in Omaha against a Cal State Fullerton team that was really aggressive and just did a lot of things from pitching to defense, and hitting. It is just kind of funny because as a player in those moments you don't realize a lot of different things, but the coach of that other team was Augie Garrido. I think it is just a fun and remarkable time to be able to say that playing against Augie [Garrido] and him as a coach, and then my first year in the Big 12 being able to coach against him is kind of an honor because when you have a man like he is, he has done so much for baseball from an overall collegiate aspect. Then, getting to play with Roger Clemens, now I'm coaching against his kid, it is just funny how this world goes and how small this baseball arena can actually be. Texas played well today and they should be very proud of that."

On what Texas did differently today: "I don't know if it is what they did different. The biggest thing is that we allowed them to get into offensive counts, we did not get ahead of many hitters. They just did a really good job of getting the 2-0, 3-1, and then they found pitches that were elevated and they did some damage with them. So, I don't know if it is what they did as to what we weren't able to repeat. It wasn't one of Drew's [Tolson] best outings. He just could not really find command of the zone early on in the game and they took advantage of that."