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TCU 12 - Baylor 5 | Post Game Quotes

TCU Head Coach Jim Schlossnagle

Opening Statement: "We are excited about today's win. It's always good to start off a tough tournament with a win. I thought we battled on the mound. Sean Wymer settled some things after we didn't get great starting pitching. (Daniel) Castano has always given us fits. We have a lot of respect for him and for the Baylor team. I think him pitching on short rest in this heat may have had something to do with his stuff today. We are excited for the win. We are going to get some rest, and come back and try and do it again tomorrow."

On his young hitters' impressive days at the plate: "It feels really good the fact that they are going to be back for another two or three years. We knew these guys were special. Luken (Baker) was a highprofile player. Josh (Watson) wasn't as high-profile nationally because he was a football player, but we knew he was really special, as well. Both of those guys are really good players. They are even better people and strong students. They are fun to be around every day."

Josh Watson

On his homerun "Honestly, I was just trying to get a good swing on the ball. I didn't think it was going to go out. I just knew I hit it really well and I was really pumped about it."

Baylor Head Coach Steve Rodriguez

Opening statement: "TCU played well. You have to tip your hat to them, they came out swinging offensively, they made some good adjustments. That's why they are one of the best teams in the country."

On not being able to stop TCU after Baylor jumped ahead early: "No, to be honest, when you look at the past couple of weeks, we would have this thing where we would score some runs and then we would give up some more runs right after that. So it's been difficult. We've been finding a way to win with those aspects. We needed the pitching today and, to be honest, we had our opportunities offensively, I would say in the third and fourth inning. We had some chances with guys in scoring position and we just couldn't get contact. And that was pretty frustrating because I think guys were trying to take advantage of the wind and field conditions and stuff like that. The whole cliché, you're trying to do too much kind of fit into that situation exactly. It wasn't one of Daniel's better outings but we've seen him be really good and so, hopefully, we get a chance to throw him out there again."