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Texas Tech 8 - Kansas State 5 | Post Game Quotes

Texas Tech Head Coach Tim Tadlock

Opening statement: "Well played a baseball game. It was a lot of fun to watch from the dugout. Tip your hat to Kansas State, they came out very aggressive early, got three runs and turned it into a really good baseball game through nine innings. I'm sure it was fun to watch from where you guys were."

On his bullpen: "Yeah, I thought Parker (Mushinski) came in and threw the ball really well. Really, everybody coming out there threw the ball really well. I think Dalton (Brown) is just fine if we pick the ball up and throw it across the infield. He came in and threw the ball well at the end of the game. Really thought Ty Damron had as good of stuff as he's had in three weeks and really liked the way he was executing pitches other than in the first innings. There's actually a lot of positives out of what he did today and I think moving forward he will continue to grow and help us."

Tyler Floyd

On hitting behind Stephen Smith: "Yeah, Stephen is obviously our lead off hitter, good hitter, and I enjoy hitting with him on base. And he can run a little bit so he puts pressure on the pitcher to think about him and made him make a few mistakes and I enjoy it."

Kansas State Head Coach Brad Hill

On his team's performance: "We got off to a really good start, obviously. Three runs in the first and I kind of like the way our kids got after it. (Ty) Damron got a little more aggressive after that. He really challenges the fastball and got it elevated where we couldn't catch up to it for a couple of innings. He kind of settled down for a little bit and we made a comeback. There was a big two-out hit by Michael Smith. Like I said, ‘you feel like you're off to a really good start', but then that's the conference championship for a reason and just great composure. They didn't panic over there, they felt very comfortable and confidant that they were going to comeback, just chip away at it like they did. That's why they are where they are and give a lot of credit to them. There lineup is very good, one through nine. They all do their part and handled it."

On Texas Tech's hitting: "They do a good job capitalizing on mistakes. When you fall behind they do a good job not chasing the situation. They are a mature lineup that understands what they need to do. When they get in to an RBI situation you didn't see them chase quite as much and when they did it was with bat speed. They would swing and miss, they wouldn't slow their bats down and give you get an easy out. It's what they do."

Corey Fischer

On Texas Tech's lineup "We all know they are a good hitting team. The rest of the Big 12, everyone has the ability to be a good hitting team. The big thing for a pitcher is to make your pitches and they will kind of get themselves out. They did a good job."