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Oklahoma Sooners Football | Looking Back At The 2016 NFL Draft

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Over the course of history, the Oklahoma Sooners have consistently supplied the NFL with next level talent dating back to 1936. Since taking over as head coach, Bob Stoops has witnessed thirteen former players selected in the first round. However, a former Sooners has not earned a first round selection since Lane Johnson completed the feat in 2012. Heading into the 2016 NFL Draft, the potential to break the trend rose significantly while riding the shoulders of one Sterling Shepard.

Player Pos. Draft Team Pick OU Letters
Lane Johnson OL 2013 Eagles No. 4 2010-2012
Sam Bradford QB 2010 Rams No. 1 2007-2009
Gerald McCoy DT 2010 Buccaneers No. 3 2007-2009
Trent Williams OL 2010 Redskins No. 4 2006-2009
Jermaine Gresham TE 2010 Bengals No. 21 2006-2008
Adrian Peterson RB 2007 Vikings No. 7 2004-2006
Davin Joseph OL 2006 Buccaneers No. 23 2002-2005
Jammal Brown OL 2005 Saints No. 13 2001-2004
Mark Clayton WR 2005 Ravens No. 22 2001-2004
Tommie Harris DT 2004 Bears No. 14 2001-2003
Andre Woolfolk DB 2003 Titans No. 28 1999-2002
Roy Williams DB 2002 Cowboys No. 8 1999-2001
Stockar McDougle OL 2000 Lions No. 20 1998-1999

Unfortunately, the trend remains while Shepard was selected in the second round by the NY Giants. Drawing comparisons to Victor Cruz already, the receiver appears to be on a path to stardom. He was joined by three others including Charles Tapper, Zack Sanchez, and Devonte Bond during the multiple day events. Yet many fans wondered what happened to others like Dominique Alexander and Eric Striker who were left out of the draft.

The result produced an emotional speech that aired on ESPN...

Striker as well as the rest of the Sooners were we left undrafted have inked deals for a chance to play in the NFL minus. Curious to know where you favorites landed?

Dominique Alexander Browns
Ty Darlington Titans
Nila Kasitati Redskins
Durron Neal Broncos
Frank Shannon Broncos
Eric Striker Bills