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Tony Casillas And Paul Finebaum May Have Just Become Best Friends Over Baker Mayfield Rip

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There are those moments in life when you hear something said and it just doesn't make sense. They are speaking perfect English, their speech isn't slurred, and they are even using proper grammar. Yet you just can't process. This usually happens because the message is from such a high level of stupidity that even though you clearly understand what's being said you can't get past how a person could say something so earth-shattering and dumb.

Those are the types of statements uttered on a regular basis by S.E.C. homer Paul Finebaum. In fact, it's become such a regular occurrence that if he doesn't say something outlandishly stupid then we'd all think there was something wrong with him. Now former Oklahoma All-American and Dallas Cowboy Tony Casillas has now joined in, and is apparently opening up a new chapter of the Finebaum Fan Club.


Casillas took to Twitter on Monday night to declare Trevor Knight a better quarterback than Baker Mayfield just because...get ready for this...he now plays in the S.E.C.. There are so many things wrong with this statement that I don't even know where to start. Even Casillas must have realized the folly of it because he deleted the Tweet later on. However, once something has hit the world wide web there's no taking it back.

Let's set aside the train-wreck of a program that is Texas A&M right now and just look at the two quarterbacks. We'll also put aside the fact that Trevor Knight was never able to make it through a season healthy. And let's also put aside that he threw 19 interceptions while only starting 15 games at Oklahoma. Let's just focus on the fact that Casillas thinks he's suddenly better than Mayfield just because he's in the S.E.C.. Obviously it's a shot at the Big 12, which is notably a poorly run conference that is in desperate need of some changes, but he does it in the most ridiculous of ways.

Let's assume, for argument's sake, that the Big 12 is a terribly awful football conference. It would still be a conference that Knight couldn't win. There are no magic borders of the S.E.C.. A kid doesn't automatically gain super powers for playing at one of the conference schools. If that were true then Vanderbilt, Kentucky, and South Carolina would be...ummm...let's just say better than the currant garbage they're putting on the field. Moving to the S.E.C. didn't boost the Texas A&M program at all. All they've done is won the Cotton Bowl and nothing else. Congrats guys, you've arrived. The S.E.C. certainly hasn't been magical for Missouri either.

On the flip-side, Baker Mayfield is a two-time conference Player of the Year, got Oklahoma into the playoffs and will return as a Heisman candidate in 2016. No big deal I guess, because, according to Casillas, that's apparently back-up quarterback stuff in the S.E.C..

Look, there may not be a better person in the world that Trevor Knight. I covered him for three season at Oklahoma, was blown away by his Sugar Bowl performance against Alabama (you know, the team from a real conference) and can honestly say that off the field he's even better in the way he conducts himself. All of that said, he's nowhere near the quarterback that Mayfield is.

This statement from Casillas is all about one thing. It's about trying to stay relevant. It's about sacrificing your credibility by saying the most asinine things just to get people to mention you in conversation. Congrats Tony, you've done it. We're all talking about you, but most likely not in the way you had hoped for though. Because we're talking about what an amazingly stupid comment you Tweeted and nothing else. Turns out that the only person you may have impressed is your buddy Paul Finebaum.