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Alex Ross Signs Financial Agreement To Join Josh Heupel At Missiouri

We posted last week that Ross had visited Missouri, now he's taken the next step to becoming a member of the Tigers' football team.

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

There's not a ding-dang thing that's binding about a financial agreement but if you're able to read between the lines you'll see that former Oklahoma Sooners running back Alex Ross is going to be joining Josh Heupel at Missouri. Heupel joined the Tigers during the off-season, after a one-year stint at Utah State, and had previously coached Ross for the first three years he was at Oklahoma.

Now that Ross is a graduate transfer he can go just about anywhere and play immediately. Heupel is looking for running backs and since Ross already knows the system of his former offensive coordinator, it just doesn't make sense for him to look anywhere else.

You really can't blame Ross for leaving. At Oklahoma he would have been relegated to kickoff return (where he was pretty dang good) but at Missouri he'll have the opportunity to start and give pro scouts the type of film they'll need to make NFL draft decisions.