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Oklahoma Sooners Football Recruiting | Huge Visitor List for Spring Game

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Trajan Bandy
Trajan Bandy
Student Sports

The annual Red-White game will be tomorrow and their are a large number of visitors set to be on campus. Here is the list that we have compiled (and it surely won't be everyone). After the list we will also overview a few of the players who just might commit this weekend while in Norman.

2016 Signees

5-Star LB Caleb Kelly

4-Star WR Mykel Jones

4-Star OLB Mark Jackson

4-Star DL Amani Bledsoe

3-Star WR Zach Farrar

4-Star OL Erik Swenson

2017 Commits

4-Star QB Chris Robison

4-Star WR Cedarian Lamb

4-Star WR Charleston Rambo

4-Star LB Levi Draper

4-Star DB Justin Broiles

4-Star DB Tre Brown

4-Star DB Robert Barnes

4-Star DB Trajan Bandy

3-Star WR Jalen Reagor

2017 Offers

5-Star DB Jeffrey Okudah

4-Star LB Anthony Hines

4-Star OL Netori Johnson

3-Star DE/OLB Isaiah Thomas

3-Star OL Blaise Andries

2017 Non Offers

4-Star TE/OLB Nick Robinson

3-Star DL Deontre Thomas

3-Star ATH Quindon Lewis

3-Star OL Kenneth Pleasant

ATH Darrion Green

2018 Commits

OL Brey Walker

2018 Offers

DB Josh Proctor

DB Isaiah Humphries

2018 Non Offers

WR CJ Moore

DB Anthony Cook

So who could pick up offers?

I think the list of who could pick up an offer begins with Nick Robinson. The versatile ATH could star at TE or OLB for the Sooners. Things have become even more complicated with the commitment of Calcaterra at TE. I don't believe the Sooners will take an additional TE in the class of 2017. If Robinson is open to playing linebacker, I think he is a take in this class. In the end, I believe he is simply too talented to pass on and will pick up an offer.

I also wouldn't be shocked to see DL Deontre Thomas pick up an offer. While be a bit small 6-3/260 (some have even said he is closer to 6-1/255) for the Sooners DL front (although he is basically the size of Matt Dimon), Thomas is a player that that if his measurables are closer to 6-3/260, he could find himself with an offer.

Further OL Kenneth Pleasant is a player that should receive an offer, the question is whether it happens tomorrow...

For the class of 2018, I look for WR CJ Moore to pick up an offer (more on him in a minute) as well as DB Anthony Cook. Both Moore and Cook will be 4-star players in the class of 2018

So who could commit?

The most obvious choice is 2017 DE/OLB Isaiah Thomas. This will be the 2nd weekend in a row that he is in Norman and its looks like things are falling in place. While he publicly has stated that he wants to wait a bit, being around the rest of the #SoonerSquad17 commits could result in a commitment.

Another possible is 2017 LB Anthony Hines. Hines is close to a bunch of the Sooners 2017 commits and while I don't think it will happen, it wouldn't shock me if he commits this weekend. In the end he should be a Sooner

Regarding the class of 2018, assuming CJ Moore gets an offer, I believe he commits. Also look for Josh Proctor (who will be a 4-Star prospect as well) to quite possibly shut things down and become a Sooner commit.