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Oklahoma Sooners Football Recruiting | OU Loses WR Commit, What's Next?

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Omar Manning
Omar Manning
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Things aren't always rosy in recruiting and today the Sooners experience that as they lost 2017 4-Star WR Cedarian Lamb (6-3/175). . Lamb tweeted this out explaining his decision.

I will admit that this didn't shock me, as Lamb grew up an LSU fan, and has an offer from the Tigers. Lamb will most likely still consider the Sooners, and I believe the Sooners will still pursue Lamb.

Further I look for the Sooners to still add 4-Star WR Omar Manning 6-3/200.

I believe the Sooners WR class will basically shake out like this. They will take both Lamb (should he decide to re-commit) and Manning and call it a day. If Lamb winds up at LSU, then the Sooners will just take Manning and call it a day, as they also have commits from 4-Star WR Charleston Rambo, 33-Star WR Jalen Reagor, and 3-Star WR/TE Grant Calcaterra.