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2016 NFL Draft Predictions | Oklahoma Sooners LB Dominique Alexander

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Dominique Alexander was a constant staple in the middle of the Sooners defense for three years, before foregoing his senior year and entering the NFL Draft. While he was more than productive while in Norman, we have some pretty vast differences on our predictions for his future NFL success.

Here are Dominique Alexander's measurements

HT/WT: 6-0/232

Bench: 17 reps

Vertical: 28 1/2"


I think if Dominique Alexander's brother was younger instead of older then he'd be back to OU for his senior year. However, the allure of jumping to the NFL with Tulsa defensive lineman, and older brother Derrick, in the same year was just too much to pass up on.

Alexander definitely has NFL speed and is tenacious enough to mix it up in the trenches. His ability to close out on running backs in the flats will be crucial to his NFL success, but he's got to get bigger. At 6-0/232 he's got great lateral movement but at the same time he can get locked up with a blocker and moved out of the play.

I think his speed along can get him drafted earlier but the reality is that his size will most likely result in him becoming a 4th or 5th round pick.


One thing Alexander has going for him is next level speed and agility at the linebacker position. With the instincts Alexanders possesses, he can clearly tackle and showcased physical toughness throughout the duration of his collegiate career. Yet, as good as Alexander was for the Sooners. there's plenty of room for improvement. I for one hope he would return for another season, honing in on a few weaknesses before declaring for the Draft.

Regardless, I see his speed enticing a few teams running a 4-3, placing him on the outside. Tasked with containment and forcing backs to the sideline, Alexander could also be used in coverage situations on slot receivers and tight ends. While I think he could easily go in the 4th round, he could also fall to the sixth. I'll shoot for the high end here and say late 4th round.


The former Freshman Big 12 Player of the Year surprised many when he decided to come out and declare for this year's NFL draft, foregoing his senior season. He could of used another year at Oklahoma before going into the draft to become a more dominant physical force as opposed to a scrappy inside linebacker. I think he might be taken in the seventh round of the NFL Draft by a team who feels like they can develop him into an even better athlete.


I loved the effort that Alexander played with and he filled a role for the Sooners who were in desperate need for linebacker depth (this has been a constant recruiting issue). Alexander was forced into a role he wasn't quite ready for as a true freshman, and all things considered performed admirably. While we saw improvement throughout his three years in Norman, he is definitely a guy that could have used another year to get bigger and stronger. I hope the best for him as he transitions to the NFL, but I see him as a 7th round pick at best. I sincerely hope I am wrong.