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Paul Finebaum Has No Friends

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Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone has that one person in their life that they can barely tolerate. You cringe when you have to interact with that person, and are have an incredible sense of relief the moment that person leaves. They are insufferable and you do everything you can to avoid them at all costs.

Well that person is Paul Finebaum. His entire life centers around an awful radio show, filled with commentary that makes no sense, and "hot takes" that border on the absurd. I think I can speak for everyone and confidently state that "Paul Finebaum Has No Friends."

You want proof, then look no further than the asinine tweet published at the conclusion of the Sooners terrible loss at the hands of Villanova.

While getting beat by Clemson and Villanova was bad, the fact remains that the Sooners have enjoyed an incredible run in football and basketball this past season. They are the only team that can boast the an appearance in both the Final Four and The College Football Playoff. Pretty much every other school in the country would kill to be in the position the Sooners found themselves in this season.

This past season we had the pleasure of experiencing the play of Buddy Hield, Baker Mayfield, the bone crushing tackle breaking of Samaje Perine, and the Isaiah Cousins become arguably the best point guard in the Big 12. We watched Hield go off at Allen Fieldhouse and drop eight 3-pointers against Oregon. We watched the Sooners roll into Waco and simply over power and punish the Bears. And who can forget Sterling Shepard making every DB in the Big 12 look silly.

We have truly been spoiled this past season, and yet we have a guy who by all observable accounts should be unemployed making ridiculous tweets and comments with the intent of inciting and upsetting a fan base that has been truly blessed to watch both the Sooners basketball and football teams this past season.

I think it's safe to say that Paul Finebaum has no friends.