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Oklahoma Sooners Basketball | Why Non OU Fans Should Root for the Sooners in the Final 4

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The Sooners are in the Final 4, and unless you are a fan of the other 3 remaining teams (Villanova, Syracuse, North Carolina), you might be faced with a really difficult decision of who you should root for over the next few days. Well we are going to come to your rescue, and convince you of making the best decision of your life for over the next few days. That decision is simply this:

*Become a Sooners Fan*

Now you might be asking yourself why you would consider OU over say something that is an animal, tarry, or orange, but the reasons are super evident and here they are.

1 - We are the ONLY team that has made both the Final 4 and the College Football Playoff

Let's face it, everyone wants to cheer on a winner. No one likes to set through or watch Kansas football, so why would you not root for a school that has become the pacesetter in both football and basketball. Seriously, if you are a Lakers, Yankees, and Dallas Cowboys fan, you have no choice but to become an Oklahoma fan over the next few days. Cheering for a front runner has for whatever reason, become ingrained in your makeup, and so you should just fully give in and cheer for the a team that is the most prestigious school in the Final 4.

2 - Our Coach Lon Kruger has a cooler name than the coaches of the other schools.

Why would you cheer for a school who's coaches are named Jim, Roy, or Jay, when you could cheer for Lon. Lon Kruger's name is vastly superior to some sap named Roy Williams.

3 - Our Coach doesn't make excuses and skirt NCAA rules.

Boeheim says all sorts of convoluted coach speak here, to try and somehow make the unconvincing case that they didn't "cheat." UNC has academic fraud. I wonder if UNC will tutor Fab Melo this weekend.

4 - The "Nova" part of Villanova translates from Spanish in to "no go."

Seriously, why would you cheer for a team that is a no go.

5 - We have the best player in basektball.

If you aren't a fan of Buddy Hield, then quite simply you are a strange individual. His story of being raised in the Bahamas to being more popular than the president, is simply incredible. It doesn't hurt that he can do this.