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ICYMI | Lon Kruger Meets With The Media Ahead Of The Final Four


Just ahead of a Final Four match up between the Oklahoma Sooners and Villanova Wildcats, head coach Lon Kruger sat down on Thursday to field a few questions from the media. While the conversation starts off light-hearted, one reporter dives into a major concern for some...odd sight lines for shooters playing basketball in a football stadium.

Buddy Hield didn't seem to have a problem with the oddity stating that a shooter is a shooter no matter where they are playing. Echoing those sentiments, Kruger leaned on the practice time and how well the Sooners shot the ball during their allotted time on the court. I'm not sure it would have as much of an effect on the shooters as playing on an aircraft carrier.

Noting the progress Buddy has made, Kruger applauds the maturity of this team. Each and every outing, Hield receives a majority of the attention. However, the surrounding talent continues to step up when given the opportunity. Isaiah Cousins as well as Ryan Spangler have become solid players in their own right. It's the level of talent in the starting five that makes this team a difficult draw.

Another factor contributing to the success of this team has been a cohesiveness and work ethic. Hield comes from the Bahamas while Cousins comes from New York and Spangler right here in OKlahoma. Those locations stand in stark contrast of one another. Gelling together quickly the team has 105 starts together with Jordan Woodard. To say these players know each other inside and out may be an understatement.

Coach Kruger knows the Wildcats compliment each other extremely well and win by playing as a team. Asked if the meeting in Hawaii gave Oklahoma an advantage, Kruger shot the idea down stating his team made shots while Jay Wright's didn't. There was no other deciding factor in that game.

We'll wait to see how the game pans out when the Wildcats and Sooners tip off on Saturday.