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NCAA Tournament Game Thread | #3 Texas A&M vs. #2 Oklahoma

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Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports


Location: Anaheim, California

Tip: 6:37 PM

Television: TBS

Radio: Sooner Radio Network

Oklahoma Texas A&M
27-7 Overall Record 28-8
83.5 Points Per Game 92
34 Rebounds Per Game 47.5

As much fun as this season has been it all comes down to tonight. If Oklahoma gets bounced in the Sweet 16 then I don't see any real way that you can deem the season a success. However, if the Sooners move on to the Elite Eight then there's the sense of accomplishment that hasn't been achieved in a while for Oklahoma Basketball, and still the shot at a national title.

The Aggies are tall, athletic, and can shoot lights out. OU will need to be at the level they were in Hawaii when they ran Villanova off the floor. They'll need to channel the energy and enthusiasm they had back in December in order do so. It's certainly not out of the realm of possibility though and we'll be right here throughout to discuss along the way.