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Sooner Nation Podcast | Oklahoma Survives But What About Your Bracket

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It's been way too long since we last recorded so I decided to fly solo and bring you 20 minutes of NCAA Tournament thoughts.

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Discussion Topics

* Sooners advance past Cal State Bakersfield, but there are two main areas of concern moving forward in the tournament.

* Quick Preview of VCU. The Rams are pretty solid defensively but...

* The Big 12 struggles in the opening round and why that's important.

* The expectations on a #2 seed. How far does Oklahoma need to go in the tournament for the season to be deemed successful?

* The Big 12 schools that weren't supposed to win. There were two teams that just weren't going to be threats to make a run, and one of them really shouldn't have been in the NCAA Tournament.

* The Big 12 schools that were supposed to win.

* How's your bracket holding up after the first round?

* Big 12 schedule for round of 32

* Did Buddy Hield sow up the Player of the Year award on Friday? I think he did and I'll tell you why.