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National Signing Day 2016 | 16 Thoughts on the Oklahoma Sooners Class of 2016

Robert Duyos-USA TODAY Sports

Here are just some random musings on what was and wasn't in the Sooners class of 2016.

1. Amani Bledsoe is much better than even his ranking indicates. Players that are his size 6-5/270, shouldn't be able to move like that. He should develop into an absolute nightmare for opposing offensive lines. The best comparison that I have for him is Richard Seymour. If Bledsoe had grown up in Florida, I have very little doubt that he would be a 5-star recruit.

2. The Sooners might not be able to "Bully Recruit" schools much longer. What do I mean by "Bully Recruit?" Basically come in with a Sooner offer late and expect a prospect to jump on board and flip to the Sooners. It worked with Zach Farrar, but 5-10 years ago it would have worked against TCU and Baylor. It will be interesting to watch in the next few years.

3. The Sooners had some definite misses today. I believe they went all in on several prospects and chased several national guys for far too long [Mique Juarez (UCLA), Jack Jones (USC) , Aaron Hansford (A&M)] which left them kinda scrambling at the end. I don't believe the are upset about not completely filling out the class (because of the possibilities of 2017), but I believe the Sooners could have had JUCO LB Tyree Horton (TCU), WR Adewale Omotosho (UCLA), and LB Marvin Terry (Mizzou) had the spent a bit more time on focusing on them.

4. The Josh Jacobs story is baffling. I have no idea how he went unnoticed. I also don't understand why he showed ZERO interest in Oklahoma. I think his talent is immense, but I wonder if he chose a school (Bama) that doesn't quite fit his skill set. Jacobs would seemingly excel in a spread offense, where his ability to make people miss, and get the ball in space could make him beyond dangerous. Bama's running backs are usually a one-cut and go type back. That being said, I hope that Jacobs finds nothing but success.

5. Velus Jones was beyond crazy. I really think that he had several people around him pushing him to USC. He is one of 6 wide receivers that signed with USC today, which inevitably means a player will either quit or transfer.

6. The Texas close wasn't unexpected, but again signing all those defensive tackles all but guarantees a player will either quit or transfer. As far as Chris Daniels and the Longhorns, I don't really have any nice things to say, other than I believe fully that he bought into a coach who I don't believe is coaching next year. I won't go into specific pitches that Strong used to reel in these recruits, but it reeks of desperation. but I guess it worked. Tom Herman has to be thrilled with this Longhorn class.

7. The more film I watch on WR Adrian Hardy, I really like him.

8. Mark Jackson has the potential to be the best player in this class. He is a perfect fit for outside linebacker in the Sooners 3-4.

9. Please Stop tweeting recruits. Actually read a tweet where a Texas fan promised a recruit that if he signed with Texas he would help him dump his ugly girlfriend to find a hot one at Texas. Yeesh.

10. I think the Sooners are again at least one difference maker short at linebacker in this class. Stoops keeps talking about the ideal number being 11 scholarship players for linebacker and said that the ideal number is 12 scholarship lineman for defensive line. At best those numbers should be reversed as in a 3-4 defense you play 3 lineman and 4 linebackers. I believe the ideal number for a 3-4 defense is 13-14 (go look at the number of scholarship linebackers for Bama and Stanford).

11. I believe that both the JUCO linebackers are under rated, but they will probably be the most scrutinized part of this class.

12. Mykel jones literally fell into the Sooners lap. That rarely happens and is pretty amazing when it does.

13. Abdul Adams fits this Sooner offense perfectly.

14. I've never seen a group of fans who just watched their team go 5-7 be so cocky and arrogant. It's as if they forgot that Charlie Strong is still the head coach of their team.

15. This class could have been far greater had several things not happened that the Sooners had ZERO control over. Jean Delance de-commits after the SAE ridiculousness, they couldn't go to class to make sure Tramonda Moore or Ryan Parker put in the work necessary to qualify, and certainly caught an awful break with Bryce Youngquist (we pray everything works out for him). You add those 4 players and this class looks FAR FAR different.

16. I would have hated to interact with Sooner fans on social media and on CCM had Caleb Kelly not signed with the Sooners.