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Oklahoma Sooners Signing Day Press Conference: Class of 2016, Dominique Hearne No Longer with Team and More

Robert Duyos-USA TODAY Sports

Here are the highlights of Oklahoma Sooners Signing Day Press Conference. These are not direct quotes, but a summary of what was said.


-Sooners only had 11 seniors last season, which meant a smaller class for 2016

-Zach Farrar, Adrian Hardy, Mykel Jones filled need at WR

-Stoops all but said Caleb Kelly's name a thousand times (coaches can't comment on players till they have received their Letter of Intent)

-Biggest Need in Class was at LB

-Dalton Wood back with the team and looking good, potential at fullback/HBack

-OL Dominique Hearne No Longer with Team

-Jon-Michael Terry the most underrated player in the class

-Huge getting Austin Kendall on campus as an early enrollee

-Making the playoff helped, especially with 2017 class

-Kyle Murray and Geno Lewis have been put on scholarship

-OU has a national brand

-Bob Stoops uses emojis

-We are about Youngquist. We want him to be healthy

-Once renovations are in place, it will make a difference

-Recruiting in Texas has been challenging

-Dwayne Orso Officially Moved to OT

-We targeted Josh Jacobs as a slot WR. He is an excellent player

-Adding a 2nd QB was talked about, but it didn't present itself

-Doucet will get a first look at inside linebacker


-It's about developing players and putting them in the league...OU doing it the best

-We would like to get more players out of there (Texas), but A&M going to SEC has changes things

-Mark Jackson will be used in a stand up linebacker (OLB position)

-Could have used another big body at DL (Chris Daniels), but its time for Gallimore and Lampkin to step up


-RB Abdul Adams was key in helping recruit/finish off class of 2016

-Adams also one of the most dynamic backs in the country

-WR Adrian Hardy one of the most athletic players in class

-Mad/Upset at the number of decommitments and schools pulling offers


-Having Baker Mayfield helping with recruiting is huge.