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Breaking News: Oklahoma Sooners Retain Graduate Assistant Chip Viney in a Special Teams Quality Control Position

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Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

This just might be the best news of the day (other than maybe Caleb Kelly). Chip Viney will remain a part of the Sooners coaching staff as he transitions into a Special Teams Quality Control Position. Chip tweeted it out a few moments ago:

(Trust us, that tweet means he now has a position as Special Teams Quality Control Coach).

Chip Viney is easily one of the best recruiters on the Sooners coaching staff and his future is incredibly bright. Keeping him on staff was not expected as his time as a graduate assistant had ran its course.

While Viney won't be able to recruit off campus in this role, he still will undoubtedly be one of the best recruiters on the Sooners staff. It also won't hurt for him to give Jay Boulware some help with the special teams either (maybe we can get some punt return yards)