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National Signing Day 2016 | Jared Mayden Commits to Alabama Over Oklahoma

Jared Mayden
Jared Mayden
Student Sports

There was definitely some hope that this one would break the Sooners way, but in the end (in spite of some drama with Mayden's announcement being broken before he committed) defensive back Jared Mayden has committed to Alabama.

Mayden was a Sooner legacy, as his dad played basketball for the Sooners. Mayden was seemingly off the Sooners radar just over a month ago as he was an Oregon commitment. Mayden's de-commitment opened the door for the Sooners and there was definitely some momentum building in the Sooners direction.

The hope for Mayden was further peaked as Mayden repeatedly tweeted out hints that the Sooners were in the running, even tweeting out a picture of his dad's basketball jersey.

This announcement will definitely sting a little as Mayden is another recruit that the Sooners had a chance to close with, but ultimately they fell short