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National Signing Day 2016 | Oklahoma Sooners Rumors, Thoughts, and Craziness

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

1. Sooners DE/OLB Offer Maxs Tupai will not be signing today, as he is still set to Visit UCLA this weekend. Today is the first day that a recruit can sign, so it appears we will have to wait a bit longer on this one.

2. Who knows with WR Velus Jones. Honestly nothing would surprise me him, although I would predict USC.

3. Chris Daniels appears to be a decision between what he wants - Texas and what his parents want - OU. Even though we predicted him to OU, the momentum is building that he will be a Longhorn.

4. Marcel Southall is so quiet. Honestly have no real read on it other than I'm not sure if Texas has the numbers to take ANOTHER defensive tackle.

5. Josh Jacobs will likely head to Bama.

6. The big coup (other than Caleb Kelly) is that the Sooners are seriously on the verge of landing 4-Star WR Mykel Jones. This is such a big, big victory.

UPDATE 8:26 AM As to why OU lost out on Daniels and Southall we will touch on this more later in the afternoon after the dust settles.

UPDATE 9:31 AM Are you frustrated with the way things turned out? Or content? We will touch on this later this afternoon.

UPDATE 2:04 PM Working on a huge post signing day thoughts on the targets, class and whether the Sooners addressed their needs, as well as who they missed on in the class of 2016

Also Texas fans are the happiest 5-7 fans I've ever seen in my life.