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Oklahoma Sooners Spring Football | Our First Look at Kyler Murray

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

If you are anything like me, you can't wait to see Kyler Murray set foot on the field in Norman. His skill set fits Lincoln Riley's offense near perfectly, as he can not only make all the throws, but  should the play break down, he is more than capable of beating a defense with his feet. Basically his skill set is a could make him a more athletic version of Baker Mayfield. Should he hit his ceiling, the Sooners have the ability to not miss a beat in the 2017 season.

Sadly, in spite of the potential and the hype surrounding Murray, he will have to sit out a year. However we are just about a week away from seeing Kyler Murray take his first reps with the Sooners on the practice field.

I am convinced that the coaches at Texas A&M all but failed at handling their quarterbacks this past season, and so the Kyler Murray we saw as a true freshman at A&M will in no way be the Kyler Murray we see at OU. To put it more bluntly, Bob Stoops and Lincoln Riley can coach circles around Kevin Sumlin and the mess we saw from Jake Spavital (by the way I remember Sooner fans wanting Spavital to replace Heupel....glad that bullet was dodged).

What would a successful spring for Kyler Murray?

First off this goes with out saying, but no injuries. I'm sure Murray will not be allowed to be hit in practice, but that doesn't mean injuries can't happen. It should go without saying, but Murray needs to stay healthy.

Second, we want him to simply play at an incredible level. While there will obviously be growing pains and with those pains mistakes, we simply want to see what the future at the quarterback position will look like at OU.