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Oklahoma Sooners Football Recruiting | A Way Too Early Class of 2017 Commit Prediction List

Tyrese Robinson
Tyrese Robinson
Tyrese Robinson

The Class of 2017 is already taking center stage and we aren't even a month removed from National Signing Day. With that in mind, we thought it might be fun to take a stab at just who might be a part of the Sooners class of 2017. While this list will undoubtedly change between now and then, as new prospects will emerge and players will commit (and sadly possible de-commitments). So take this list with a grain of salt.

Quaterback - 1

4-Star Chris Robison 6-1/185 Mesquite, TX (Committed)

Other Offers: Houston, TCU, OKState

Running Back - 2

4-Star JK Dobbins 5-10/195 La Grange, TX

Other Offers: ASU, Ark, Baylor, Cal, Duke, Houston, OKState, SMU, Stanford, TCU, Texas, A&M, Notre Dame,

Trey Coleman 6-1/205 West Monroe, LA (No OU Offer)

Other Offers: Tennessee, La Tech, Tulane

Wide Receiver - 3

4-Star Cedarian Lamb 6-3/175 Richmond, TX (OU Commit)

Other Offers: Houston, Illinois, Kansas, OKState

4-Star Charleston Rambo 6-2/175 Cedar Hill, TX

Other Offers: ASU, Ark, BYU, Colorado, Houston, Miami, Ole Miss, Notre Dame, SMU, Tennessee, TTech, UVA, Washington

4-Star Omar Manning 6-3/200 Lancaster, TX

Other Offers: ASU, Colorado, Houston, Ole Miss, Mizzou, OKState, TCU, A&M, UCLA, Utah, Washington

Offensive Line - 4

4-Star Tyrese Robinson 6-5/300 McKinney, TX (OU Commit)

Other Offers: Ark, Auburn, Baylor, Michigan, Ole Miss, OKState, TCU, Texas, TTech, UCLA

3-Star Hyrin White 6-6/280 Desoto, TX(No OU Offer)

Other Offers: ASU, Mizzou, OKState, SMU, UCLA

3-Star Mark Kallenberger 6-6/260 Bettendorf, IA (No OU Offer)

Other Offers: Iowa, Nebraska, Iowa State.

3-Star Edward Ingram 6-3/315 Desoto, TX

Other Offers: Bama, ASU, Baylor, Colorado, Houston, KSU, LSU, MIzzou, Texas, UCLA

Other Offers: OKState, Tulsa

Defensive Line - 3

DL Isaiah Thomas 6-5/230 Tulsa, OK

Other Offers: Iowa State, Mizzou, OKState, Tennessee, A&M, Vandy.

DL Edward Ingram 6-5/230 Denton, TX

Other Offers: Baylor, Colorado, Duke, Houston, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, SMU, Texas, TTech, Tulsa, Tulane

A Defensive Tackle Not Yet Having an Offer

I will admit this is kind of a flyer as the Sooners are currently without a defensive line coach.

Linebacker - 4

4-Star Levi Draper 6-2/215 Collinsville, OK (OU Commit)

Other Offers: Bama, ASU, Clemson, FSU, Houston, Illinois, Mizzou, OKState, Stanford, Vandy, Washington

4-Star Anthony Hines 6-3/220 Plano, TX

Other Offers: Bama, Auburn, Baylor, UF, Michigan, ND, Ohio State, Penn St, Texas, A&M, UCLA, USC, VTech, Ark, Clemson, UGA, LSU, Miami, Mich St., Ole Miss, Mizzou, Nebraska, TCU, Tennessee, WVU (and many more)

Hines will be a fight with Baylor, but I just can't see him anywhere other than OU.

4-Star Baron Browning 6-4/230 Kennedale, TX

Other Offers: Bama, Arkansas, Baylor, Cal, Duke, UF, FSU, UGA, LSU, Michigan, Ole Miss, ND, Notre Dame, Ohio State, TCU, Tennessee, Texas, A&M, TCU, UCLA

Browning recently de-committed from Baylor. I expect this to be a battle between the Sooners and Longhorns.

3-Star Addison Gumbs 6-3/215 Hayward, CA

Other Offers: Cal, Hawaii, Ole Miss, Nebraska, Oregon State, Pitt, Tennessee, Vandy, Wazzu

Gumbs recently picked up a Sooner offer.

Defensive Back - 5

5-Star Jeff Okudah 6-1/195 Grand Prairie, TX

Other Offers: Bama, ASU, Ark, Auburn, Baylor, Cal, UF, FSU, UGA, Iowa, LSU, Miami, Michigan, Mich. St., Ole Miss, Mizzou, ND, Ohio State, Stanford, TCU, Texas, A&M, UCLA, USC

4-Star Robert Barnes 6-3/190 Southlake, TX (OU Commit)

Other Offers: Bama, Baylor, BC, Duke, Iowa, Mizzou, Nebraska, Ohio State, OKState, Texas, TTech,

Barnes is easily the most committed player the Sooners have in the class of 2017.

4-Star Trajan Bandy 5-9/175 Miami, FL

Other Offers: Bama, Auburn, Clemson, LSU, Michigan, Miss St., Nebraska, SCar, Tennessee, USC, VTech, WVU

It's weird to say it, but the Sooners are the heavy favorite for a player that is from Miami, FL.

4-Star Tre Brown 5-11/180 Tulsa, OK

Other Offers: ASU, Houston, ISU, KSU, Louisville, Nebraska, SCar, Tennessee, Tulsa

Brown could easily be OU's next commitment

3-Star Justin Broiles 6-0/170 Oklahoma City, OK

Other Offers: Ark, Auburn, Houston, Indiana, Iowa State, KSU, Ole Miss, Mizzou, Nebraska, SMU, Texas A&M, Tennessee.

Not only do I expect Broiles ranking to skyrocket, I expect him to be a Sooner.

Athlete - 2

3-Star ATH Roshauud Paul 5-11/165 Bremond, TX

Other Offers: ASU, Houston, OKState, SMU, TCU

Paul is really high on the Sooners.

TE/OLB Nick Robinson 6-4/210 Oklahoma City, OK

Other Offers: Indiana, Iowa State, Louisville, Memphis, Tennessee, Toledo

While the Sooners haven't offered yet, I expect it to come soon. Robinson's recruitment is taking off.

Here are a couple of thoughts on this way too early list.

1. As of now, I don't have a good read on who would fit as a 3-4 defensive end in this class. While both Thomas and Brown are more than capable players, they will need to gain approximately 40 pounds to play in the Sooners 3-4 defense.

2. The turnover at defensive line coach has hurt OU's recruitment of defensive lineman. They will need to land a nose tackle in this class, and as of now I have no idea who that will be. Whoever is OU's next defensive line coach will have his work cut out to develop a relationships with a player a player to fill the need at nose tackle.

3. This class has the potential to right many of the perceived wrongs in the state of Texas. The Sooners already have commits from 4 players in the state of Texas and are the betting favorites for Anthony Hines, Charleston Rambo, and Roshauud Paul. They are definitely at or near the top for Omar Manning, Earnest Brown, JK Dobbins, and Baron Browning. They have a punchers chances at Jeff Okudah and Edward Ingram. That is 10 players from the state of Texas alone.

4. The 2017 class in Oklahoma is strong. The Sooners could easily land 6 players from state in Levi Draper, Justin Broiles, Isaiah Thomas, Tre Brown, Nick Robinson (no OU offer yet), and OL Adrian Wolford (no OU offer yet).