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4-Star DB Parrish Cobb Officially Flips from Oklahoma Sooners to the Baylor Bears

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Parrish Cobb
Parrish Cobb
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This one definitely stings, but in the end location and quite possibly playing time proved to be too much, as 4-Star DB Parrish Cobb, just announced that he will be a Baylor Bear. Here is video of the announcement.

If you are a Sooner fan, you probably don't want to watch this very many times.

For those wondering, OU didn't lose Cobb for lack of effort. Sometimes in the end players de-commit and change their mind. This was one of those cases. Sometimes riding on a pontoon boat, on a not so nice looking river is to much for a team to overcome.

The Sooners appear to be all in on 2016 4-Star DB Jared Mayden, who will announce tomorrow morning whether he will attend OU or Bama.