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Oklahoma Sooners Football | Who Could Be the Next Sooners DL Coach?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Here we are again speculating and turning over every rock in an attempt to find out who will be the Sooners next defensive line coach. The new defensive line coach would ideally have 3-4 coaching experience and have ties to the state of Texas for recruiting purposes. With that in mind here are several candidates who fit this criteria (and some who don't). Will one of the names on this list be the next defensive line coach? History says probably not, but here it goes anyway.

1. Calvin Thibodeaux

Thibodeaux is the current defensive line coach for the Kansas Jayhawks. Being a former Sooner, Thibodeaux would already have a leg up getting to know the way OU works. While some would immediately object because of the abysmal state of the Kansas football program, I don't think that would necessarily disqualify Thibodeaux. I don't believe the issue at Kansas is primarily one of coaching, but one of a severe lack of talent. Thibodeaux made things incredibly interesting with Sooners class of 2016 signee Amani Bledsoe, keeping the Jayhawks in a race that honestly they had ZERO business being in.

Thibodeaux is from Houston and also coached for Navarro Junior College in Corsicana, TX.

While he might not be the biggest name hire, I believe that he would be a candidate that in time could prove to be a home-run hire.

2. CJ Ah You

Had Diron Reynolds left a month ago, Ah You might be in a position to soon be announced as the Sooners DL coach. The biggest obstacle to Ah You  and OU, could quite possibly the fact that he just started working for Vanderbilt. Ah You was on staff at OU in a quality control role prior to leaving for Vandy.

Ah You also starred for the Sooners before knee injuries derailed his NFL career. Ah You knows the Sooner program, is considered by everyone to be an up and comer, and should be able to recruit at a high level very quickly.

Coaches have quickly left new jobs for even newer and better jobs in short periods of time before. Would Ah You do it again?

3. Joe Salave'a

Salave'a is currently the DL coach at Washington State. The connection here is Dennis Simmons and his time on Mike Leach's staff with Joe. While I believe that Joe is one of the best DL coaches in the country, he could encounter some recruiting issues initially as his connections to Texas aren't real strong.

4. Ron Burton

Burton is by all account an incredible coach that has helped take the Michigan State defense to unreal heights. Burton's experience however is primarily with the 4-3. I do believe that in spite of this, that Burton could fit in and excel with the Sooners.

5. Sean Spencer

Spencer just keeps producing under rated defensive lineman who just get the job done. He is quite possibly one of the best defensive line coaches in the country, but his questions are similar in that Penn. State runs the 4-3.

5. Jerry Montgomery

Repeat after me: It. Won't. Happen.

As far as other candidates, we heard from fans that OU should go after the Ole Miss DL coach. With the NCAA breathing down the Ole Miss backside at this point, this just simply won't happen.

Where I'd Go: I'd make Ah You tell me NO first. While it's kind of a jerk move to put Vandy back in a bind, Ah You fits, the only question is his lack of experience.

Who would you want to be the next defensive line coach for the Oklahoma Sooners?