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Oklahoma Sooners Football | Hot Links: Sooners in the Pro Bowl, Chip Viney Leaves, More Joe Mixon Reactions

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OU Links

The tape of Joe Mixon punching Amelia Molitor has created a flurry of takes on the matter. One of the more level-headed takes actually came from a site dedicated to our rivals. I don’t necessarily agree with every point made, but he did a solid job discussing the matter. Another solid take on the incident came from Kegan Reneau of Ruf Writers. Not all opinions have to align with one another in order to be respected — due diligence is what really matters.

Not all reactions were quite so level-headed, however. Jay Glazer went on a profane rant (Warning: strong language is used in this video) when asked about the matter by TMZ.

On the coaching front, Oklahoma special teams quality control coach Chip Viney has left OU for a spot on Jay Norvell’s staff at Nevada where he’s expected to coach defensive backs. Viney, who was previously a grad assistant at OU, has worked extensively with the defensive backs and has been an integral part of OU’s recruiting efforts. OU wasn’t going be be able to hang onto him forever, but he’ll definitely be missed.

On a lighter note, Berry Tramel wrote a really nice article about the appreciation former Sooners have for Bobby Proctor — who was OU’s defensive backs coach during the Switzer years. I love it when Tramel gives us a glimpse into the past, as I think he does a better job of it than anyone who comes to mind in sports media. You should definitely check out the comments made in this one about the tackling efforts of current defensive backs.

In some other good news, three former Sooners have made the Pro Bowl roster. While this definitely makes me happy, it just makes me sad not to see AD on the list. He needs a full season of health for once, but that may be asking a bit too much at his age. I for one believe he has one more big season left in him — one that will put him comfortably into the top 10 on the all-time rushing list.

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