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Notes From Bob Stoops’ Presser: IT’S BEDLAM WEEK!

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Stoops talked big games, Michiah Quick’s dismissal, Texas, and more

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

We spend all spring and summer waiting for the football season to arrive, and by the time we begin to fully appreciate it, it’s almost gone sand through an hourglass...

Sorry, you, uh...caught me at a sentimental time. The end of football and the changing of the seasons has me feeling pretty wistful lately. Let’s get to business, shall we?

While the Sooners’ offense has remained stable in terms of personnel for the most part, Mike Stoops’ defense has been a revolving door of players. Charles Walker ended his college career to prepare for the NFL draft, and now the defense takes another hit:

Quick is the third player from the defense to part ways with the team in recent weeks, the other being Matt Dimon. It’s a disconcerting trend to say the least.

Stoops cited a “violation of team rules” when addressing Quick’s situation.

Fortunately, though, the Sooners’ defense should be getting some help back:

Unfortunately, it seems as if the defense will be without defensive back Will Johnson against Oklahoma State. There’s no total set for the game yet, but it might be wise to take the over.

As you almost certainly know by now, Texas got a new coach in Tom Herman. You know, the guy who beat OU earlier this season. Stoops weighed in on the firing of Charlie Strong:

Say anything you want about Stoops; the man sticks to his guns. Although some would rather see Oklahoma win in a garden-variety bowl game rather than lose big in a playoff matchup, Stoops will take the bright lights every time:

I’m inclined to agree with Bob here. While it may not be fun to get clobbered by Clemson (or Ohio State, Alabama, Wahsington...), it still means a lot to be there in the first place. The players would also probably agree.

It’s a big week for the team, but don’t tell that to Obo. He looks pretty cozy:

Hey Obo, I’ve got one question for you:

It should be a fun week. This is setting up to be a classic Bedlam matchup with Big 12 championship and, perhaps, playoff implications.

The Sooners are favored by a few touchdowns, but something tells me the game will be much closer than that. It always is.