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Oklahoma Sooners Football: So You’re Telling Me There’s a Chance?

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Thank you, Cougs!

NCAA Football: Baylor at Oklahoma Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Sooners’ shot to crash the College Football Playoff got an unexpected boost from a familiar foe. Lamar Jackson: meet the Week 1 Houston Cougars. The national title hunt took a big turn after what transpired in Texas between No. 5 Louisville and those damn Houston Cougars on Trap-Game Thursday. If this college football season wasn’t wild enough already, it’s sure shaping up to be for the remaining weeks to come.

Besides the B1G scenario that’s sure to make an impact, 2-loss OU is in realistic position to sneak into the CFP, but needs a few things to fall into place. Washington needs to lose. The Houston win over Louisville “bolstered” OU’s opening-week loss, and knocked the Cardinals out of playoff contention. The Sooners’ non-conference schedule now looks even better, especially when compared to West Virginia or Washington. If OU can win out, the Big 12 would have its’ best shot at securing a second-consecutive playoff berth. But...

The B1G picture is still the one to watch, as it appeared Michigan’s loss last week eliminated the conference’s chances of landing two teams into playoff contention… until Louisville lost to Houston tonight. Though the Wolverines and Penn State control their own destiny, tOSU is also still a big part of the fray. The Buckeyes, if left out of the conference championship game by Penn State winning out, would likely be picked ahead of OU for the top 4, the team they beat by three touchdowns in Norman.

The committee would have to decide if they favor a 1-loss, non-league-champ Ohio State team ahead of conference champion OU. It seems likely the committee would choose a 2-loss Big 12 champ ahead of a 2-loss Pac-12 champ. So, before getting too ahead of ourselves, the Huskies definitely have to lose in the Apple Cup or conference championship for the Sooners to stay alive. My guess is the playoff teams look like this:

  1. Bama
  2. B1G champion
  3. Clemson
  4. Pac-12/Big 12 champ OR B1G at-large (tOSU if OU wins Big 12)

So much speculation, yet there is only one thing Oklahoma needs to worry about right now -- win in Morgantown on Saturday.

Get out to a good start against the Mountaineers, take care of business and allow the cards to fall into place. If the playoff is where OU belongs (cough), then it’s most probably a date with the top-ranked Tide. And it’s looking more and more like the Sooners would face LSU in the Sugar Bowl if OU is on the outside of the playoffs looking in. At least the Sooners are alive to dream again, and all the marbles are still there to play for.