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Notes from Stoops’ Presser: Dimon No Longer with Team, Alternate Unis for West Virginia Game

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Although Matt Dimon seemed close to returning from injury, it was revealed that his career his now over at OU

Baylor v Oklahoma

It was a great weekend! Chaos across the board in college football, the Sooners won against some football team from Waco, and we all survived another rooster kickoff. Well done, everybody.

It’s been an awful year for injuries around the nation, but not many teams feel it more than the Sooners. An already thin defensive line just got even thinner with this surprise news from Stoops:

Bob typically lets on very little about player injuries, but it appears to be from the achilles injury he suffered against Ohio State. Stoops even hinted at possible conflict between Dimon and the Sooners’ staff:

Fortunately, Stoops said that Matt Romar will be back this week against the Mountaineers. He also expects Jordan Thomas to play.

Whatever the case, we thank Matt Dimon and wish him luck in his future endeavors.

In lighter news, the Sooners will be changing it up on their trip to Morgantown, pulling out the white-white-red uniform combo:

Personally, I love the look. White on red is a classic AND classy look for a helmet, but I could do without the stripe. Our blog manager Jack Shields isn’t a huge fan of the helmet, so let us know what you think in the comments.

Despite the fact that there’s already a Westbrook on the team, the way Stoops talks about Baker Mayfield is almost the same way Billy Donovan describes Russell:

And it’s true. It would be criminal of Stoops to pull the leash back on a gamer like Baker. Stoops went on to praise Mayfield effusively, calling him one of the most intelligent players he’s ever coached.

All in all, it was a typical press conference from Stoops: injury news, player praise, a few very short answers, and way too many forced laughs from the media.

There’s plenty of words to describe Bob, but ‘sentimental’ clearly isn’t one of them:

Never change, coach.

Now I’m curious what the holidays are like at the Stoops house. Reportedly, Mike has only been invited conditionally: either bring the turnovers or spend next Thanksgiving in the Mountain West, the AAC, or the Sun Belt.

(I’ll see myself out.)