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Oklahoma Sooners Football: Urban Meyer Throws Shade at OU Defense

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The Ohio State coach has struck a chord with Oklahoma fans

Ohio State v Oklahoma Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

During Ohio State coach Urban Meyer’s weekly call-in show, Meyer decided to take a jab at OU’s defense.

Now, I’m sure this was intended as a compliment to Indiana, but that’s obviously not how Oklahoma fans and media members perceived it.

In turn, Ohio State fans didn’t see this as much of a statement.

Even a Texas fan decided to chime in.

Maybe the OU defense will see this (I’m sure they already have) and use it as motivation. Then again, how much good will motivation actually do for this defense?

In short, Urban Meyer probably isn’t wrong in this instance, as Indiana actually has a decent defense this year. That comes as absolutely no comfort to OU fans, who certainly don’t want to be compared to Indiana in football.