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Notes From the Bob Stoops Presser - Business as Usual

Stoops was predictably mum on report pegging Amani Bledsoe for PED use

Kansas v Oklahoma Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

Bob Stoops was jokingly asked today if, given the chance, he’d eliminate his weekly press conference duties. He denied this, but the answer he gave was not entirely convincing.

It’s hard to believe for Bob, especially when it comes to the report that freshman defensive end Amani Bledsoe is suspended until the eighth game of next season:

This news is not a good look for the program, but it’s logical for Stoops to stick with the ‘indefinite’ rhetoric. The appeals process can be lengthy, and it’s typically best from a PR standpoint to take a hands-off approach and let the situation play itself out.

On a lighter note, Bob announced the players of the game against Kansas:

DeDe Westbrook and Baker Mayfield are practically default players of the game at this point, but it’s encouraging to see the Penn State transfer Geno Lewis get some love. He deserves it: he had four catches for 41 yards and a touchdown against KU.

Defensively, Jordan Evans had that incredible interception return that was the Sooners’ first defensive touchdown on the season. Perhaps Kansas was a get-right game for the defense.

Stoops says that the injury situation hasn’t changed for the Iowa State game on Thursday:

He did mention that Matt Dimon had been ‘running a bit,’ so perhaps he could be activated prior to the game.

It’s time for this weeks edition of Ask a Silly Question, Get a Silly Answer! (No offense to whoever asked this)

He’s so eloquent, isn’t he?

This week’s game is on Thursday, and Stoops is business as usual:

Stoops mentioned that they used some of Thursday and Friday last week to prepare for Iowa State, which is a luxury you can afford during Kansas week.

Bob does, however, draw the line short of non-Saturday games in Norman:

Personally, I’m split on the subject. Saturdays in Norman are pretty magical, but a Thursday night game would be interesting.

Stoops’ pressers usually last about 30 minutes, but it’s actually pretty easy to sum them up in about 140 characters:

I knew he was a follow back kind of guy.