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Oklahoma Sooners Football: The Kansas ByeWeeks (and Other Final Thoughts)

The Sooners look to get healthy and stay focused as they enter the lull of the conference season.     

Kansas State v Oklahoma Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

Happy Homecoming and Halloween, Sooner friends! I suppose we could also call this Bye Week 2, as the Kansas football team rolls into Norman. While the Jayhawks have been playing better football this season, this game should not be in doubt for the Sooners.

So, my question for you is, “At which time will you be reaching for the remote to flip to another game this evening?”

My answer is 7 p.m. Clemson is in Tallahassee this evening, and I believe there is a baseball game going on, as well. But first, here are a few keys I believe secure a Homecoming win for the Sooners against feared rival Kansas.

Keys to beating Kansas:

1) Show up.

2) Do not forget to show up.

3) Do basic football things.

4) Win.

Rooster Kickoffs:

I had a feeling the Pokes would pull the upset against Dana’s bunch in Stillwater. I would’ve liked to face an undefeated Mountaineer squad in November, even if the Sooners don’t come away with a win in Morgantown. At least the Pokes showed with turnovers, any team can be beaten. I like OU’s chances better against WVU after this morning’s game.

HOLY CRAP, LAMAR JACKSON IS GOOD. Louisville survived its’ biggest scare of the season in Charlottesville against the Cavaliers. Nice effort by Virginia, but the 2016 Heisman winner comes through yet again in the clutch.

Game Picks

(4) Washington @ (17) Utah

Sooner fans know just how good a coach Chris Petersen is and that his teams rarely lose games they should win. He’s used to keeping his contending teams focused and being a guy who has been overlooked by opponents a few times at Boise State, he keeps his Huskies focused in what could be a close game in Salt Lake City.

Huskies 34, Utes 21

(8) Baylor @ Texas

I picked Texas to beat undefeated Baylor in Austin before the season. I see this being close, and Baylor could allow a couple of turnovers to let what should be a motivated Texas squad hang around against their shiny-helmet-wearing rivals from Waco. I guess I have to stick with my original pick. Bears fall short in a shootout in Austin, 49-42.

(7) Nebraska @ (11) Wisconsin

Everyone’s been sleeping on the ‘Huskers all season. The Badgers do have a few missing starters on defense, so Nebraska might keep it close tonight. Wisconsin pulls away late in Madison to hand Nebraska its’ first loss of the season, 31-17.

(3) Clemson @ (12) Florida State

Truth be told, I grew up a Florida State fan. I’m with Jack on this one — the ‘Noles put together their best performance to hand the Tigers the loss they’ve been seeking all season. Clemson goes down on the road in Tallahassee, 33-24.

Final Musings

Last night’s loss for Navy (at USF) just makes me boil all over again thinking about how scheduling Houston for the second or third game of the season would’ve led to a completely different season for the Sooners. Defensive woes still present, 6-1 and still in the hunt for a playoff berth would be nice. Although, maybe the Cougs did us a big favor in keeping us away from Alabama, Michigan and the nation’s elites this season. No need to showcase this Oklahoma defense on the national stage. We’ll save our next appearance once #SoonerSquad17 is fully on board.

Buddy Hield is not off to the best of starts to his NBA career. So far, he’s combined for six points, four assists and 0-5 from 3-point territory in his first two regular season games. But one thing we know about Buddy is that he gets better... Way, way better. I have no doubt, through some expected growing pains, he continues to improve all season. But if Joel Embiid stays healthy, he’s the 2016-17 Rookie of the Year. Wow, what a debut against OKC on Wednesday.

Blake Griffin is back in a big way, which is awesome. Because seeing Blake healthy means we get to see him doing awesome things, like this:

Hopefully Sam Bradford can also bounce back from last week’s loss in Philly. He leads the Vikes into Chi Town this Monday night.

By the way, the Sooners take on the Jayhawks on January 10 in Norman, and visit Lawrence on Monday, February 27, in the game of basketball. We should all enjoy beating up on Kansas before those dates. I have a feeling the results may vary.

Be safe this weekend, fellow Sooners. Boomer!