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Oklahoma Sooners Football: Big 12 Won’t Have Divisions in 2017

This conference is doomed, so let’s just embrace the weird

Oklahoma v Texas Tech Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

The Big 12 Conference announced on Friday that there will not be divisions in the 2017 season. The conference championship game will instead be a matchup of the top two teams based on record and head-to-head results.

Many seem to disagree with me on this, but I actually (kind of) like the Big 12’s decision. It’s probably not great for the league’s playoff chances, but it’ll be kinda fun. Seriously, how bad would it look if the top three teams were all in one division, and No. 1 faced No. 4 in the title game? Having the top two teams play each other once again to reaffirm who is better doesn’t make a ton of sense, but at least it will be more entertaining than No. 1 vs. 4 or 5. If you’re going to have a championship game (and I don’t think the Big 12 should), at least try to maximize the entertainment value. Sure, it’s more likely that a title contender is knocked out of the playoff by playing the second best team, and we may see two teams playing each other in back-to-back weeks, but this conference is doomed anyway. Let’s just embrace the weird.