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Oklahoma Sooners Football: Dede Westbrook and Baker Mayfield Included in ESPN’s Top 50

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Joe Mixon did not make the list

NCAA Football: Texas at Oklahoma Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN released its list of the top 50 college football players in the country (based on performance thus far in the season) on Wednesday, and a couple of Sooners made the cut. Wide receiver Dede Westbrook earned the No. 9 spot after his historic four-game-stretch, and quarterback Baker Mayfield checked in at No. 30 on the list.

Lamar Jackson of Louisville obviously took home the top spot, while Big 12 players Patrick Mahomes (No. 22, Texas Tech), James Washington (No. 43, Oklahoma State) and Seth Russell (No. 49, Baylor) also made the list. Ten college football writers graded all prominent players on a scale of 1 to 10, and Lamar Jackson scored a perfect 10 from all of them.

The list of players that Westbrook is ahead of to this point is pretty astonishing, as that list includes Minkah Fitzpatrick of Alabama and Dalvin Cook of Florida State. Not surprisingly, Alabama led the way with eight players on the list.

One notable omission from the list was Joe Mixon, who has had an outstanding season based on both statistics and the “eye test”.