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Notes From OU’s Press Conference - Did we forget about the football team in Lawrence?

After escaping Lubbock, the Sooners’ schedule gets a little easier with two straight matchups against Big 12 cellar-dwellers

Oklahoma v Texas Tech Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

Big 12 defenses (or utter lack thereof) have outdone themselves. Actually, can we petition to call them something else? It’s not fair to call a unit a ‘defense’ if its sole purpose for existence is to get out of the way of the opposing offense so that its own offense can score again.

It’s almost like they’re trying to become parodies of themselves with each weekly performance. It kind of reminds me of the presidential race, actually.

Bob Stoops opened his weekly presser with a fun fact. Bob’s just full of those:

Stoops is probably ready to move on from the Tech game, but the media clearly isn’t, and rightfully so. But you’d think he’d field at least one question about the upcoming game, right? Eddie Radosevich gave a vote of confidence:

We’ll just go ahead and give everybody the under since we know the answer anyway.

Stoops did field plenty of questions about defense, though. Bob, don’t you think your brother needs a bit of a hand up there in the box?

...alright then. I mean, my birthday was Saturday, and it felt like OU’s defense tried their hardest to ruin it.

Bob, don’t you think—considering that OU is 116th out of 128 FBS schools in yards allowed per game—that some sort of change needs to happen?

Uh oh, Bob’s bringing up the past again. I’m sure he gave a requisite reference to the Sugar Bowl too. Take a drink.

The Boz has reared his head again to question the Stoops brothers. This should turn out just fine:

In injury news, there could be a few Sooners out against Kansas:

To wrap it up, Stoops fielded a question about his World Series allegiance. Only in Kansas week:

Yeah, and neither does Mike.