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Oklahoma Sooners Football: Baylor Scores Touchdown on OU Three Weeks Before Actual Game

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College football went full-on Twilight Zone yesterday, and things appear to only be getting zanier.

Louisiana Monroe v Oklahoma Getty Images

In a strange development following a wild, record-setting day of college football, the Baylor Bears have started scoring touchdowns on deep pass plays against the Sooners nearly three weeks before they’re actually scheduled to visit Norman. Baylor offensive coordinator Kendal Briles offered some clarity on this sudden and bizarre phenomenon involving the two Big 12 schools.

“Not sure when it started, I’m guessing sometime between 7 and 11 pm last night, we just started seeing open wide receivers everywhere between here [Waco] and Norman,” Briles said. “So, we decided to just start taking some shots downfield. I’m glad we were able to find the end zone so early. Puts us in a good spot before we take on the Sooners on November 12.”

Oklahoma defensive coordinator Mike Stoops has been unavailable for comment, but was reportedly spotted by some in Norman to be frantically running to the press box at Owen Field earlier today and cursing in animated fashion while putting on his head set.

Stoops did have this to say recently via social media:

A similar situation is, in fact, also materializing in Lubbock, as we’ve learned the TCU Horned Frogs have just gone up 7-0 on Texas Tech six days before their matchup this upcoming Saturday. And the Frogs aren’t alone...

It is being reported Texas quarterback Shane Buechele just connected on a deep touchdown pass to wide receiver Devin Duvernay to start their feasting on the Red Raiders defense before visiting Lubbock on November 5. Similar reports of this intriguing phenomena are coming in from Stillwater, as well, as Oklahoma State now leads Texas Tech 14-0 three weeks before hosting the Red Raiders on November 12.

The Baylor Bears have not scheduled any touchdowns being thrown against their in-state rivals in Lubbock until “around mid-November” before they take on the Red Raiders the day after Thanksgiving.

No Texas Tech defensive coaches could be reached for comment on this matter, either.

Before drawing up a few more pass plays, Briles added, “We’re not sure how many times we would’ve scored on OU by the time November 12 rolls around, but our guys are feeling pretty good about it.”

West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen announced this morning on Twitter that his undefeated Mountaineers have scheduled to begin throwing touchdowns against Oklahoma beginning a week from now. The Sooners travel to Morgantown on November 19.

Holgorsen iterated, “We’re not trying to give away too much, just mostly keeping things simple for now. We’re hoping to be up about 10 or 14 before our guys start the first quarter against OU. Should be just the cushion our defense needs.”