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Oklahoma Sooners Football: OU Stays Put in AP Poll (and Other Observations)

Also, the Sooners moved up one spot to No. 15 in the Coaches Poll

Oklahoma v Texas Tech Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

Oklahoma moved up one spot to No. 15 in the Coaches Poll but stayed put at No. 16 in the AP Poll this week. Conference foes Baylor and West Virginia are both in the top 10 after WVU’s convincing win over TCU. Overall, it was a pretty ho-hum week as far as the polls are concerned for OU and the Big 12.

Here are some other observations on this week’s polls:

  • The Houston Cougars are now 24th in the Coaches Poll and unranked in the AP Poll after an embarrassing loss to the Fightin’ Trust Funds. It marks the first time since OU’s loss to Houston that the Sooners are ranked ahead of the Cougars this season. Houston has looked like just another AAC team since the game against OU, which makes it very clear just how bad off a loss it was for the Sooners.
  • Turns out, 1930s Manhattan Michigan Man is none other than Scott Wolf of the Los Angeles Daily News, which is very disappointing. I should have never looked this up. I can no longer envision him smoking his pipe whilst wearing a top hat and monocle. Anyway, he’s still the only AP guy putting Michigan at No. 1.
  • Auburn and LSU each shot up six spots in the AP Poll after winning games in which they were favored at home. They both looked very good in the process, so I won’t complain.
  • Baylor is ranked ahead of Ohio State in the Coaches Poll, which is absolute BS. They have a decent win against Oklahoma State, but have done nothing else whatsoever. I had previously stated that they won’t be tested again until they come to Norman, but after watching OU’s defense last evening, I’m not even sure about that anymore.
  • James Franklin proved me (and probably everybody) very, very wrong by defeating Ohio State on Saturday night. As a result, his team was rewarded with a spot in the AP Poll for the first time since 2011.