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Oklahoma Sooners Football: An Evening of Fireworks in Lubbock (And Other Final Thoughts)

A primetime kickoff in the den of the Red Raiders is just hours away. Also, I have a fantasy football conundrum.

Oklahoma v Texas Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

I know it’s only a few hours until kickoff, but I can’t get this one thing out of my head: one of my fantasy teams is 0-6. Zero wins, six losses to start a season for the first time in my long fantasy football playing career. Granted it’s my side league (and with no $ on the line), but it’s still a wound to man’s ego to see any endeavor, no matter how trivial, go the way of complete and utter failure.

So it’s pretty much a no-brainer on what I must do now — achieve the most spectacular winless season in fantasy football history. And this is my plan…

1) Pick up Landry Jones off the waivers (unless someone got to him alr—just kidding!). No really, I’m picking up ‘Stache Bro Jones. And then I am going to…

2) Bench the rest of my team. I know I wouldn’t need to even do this second part, as it’s evident this team can tank in spectacular fashion all on its’ own. But my goal is go out like an absolute boss. I figure this positions me for some amazing losses, likely with some negative point totals. It could be a quite thrilling.

I know only a couple of guys in this league (it’s a friend’s I jumped into a week before the draft), and this roster move will be a boost of morale for the rest of the guys. It’s an act of altruism when you really break it down. I’ll keep you all posted on the results of this potentially incredible winless season for the ages.

In all seriousness, I wish Landry the best of luck and Godspeed as he takes the field tomorrow against what we now have come to know is the football gods’ actual favorite team, the Pats.

As far as today’s game in Lubbock, I believe many points will be scored. And there will also be many close-ups of Kliff Kingsbury and Baker Mayfield throughout the evening. If Patrick Mahomes is still feeling the effects of an injured shoulder, then there’s just no way the Red Raiders will keep up with the Sooners for four quarters, provided OU plays for four quarters, as well. Oklahoma will score more points than Texas Tech this evening in Lubbock to win 56-35.

I’ll be flipping back and forth between TCU-WVU and A&M-Bama through the afternoon block. The Horned Frogs will be the next conference foe to fall to Dana’s Mountaineers. West Virginia – 38, TCU - 28

Bama should annihilate Texas A&M like they’ve been doing to opponents all season. If this game were in Kyle Field, the Aggies might actually have a shot at the upset. The ‘Tide used to have trouble with dual-threat quarterbacks, and Knight could have success for a second time in his career against a Nick Saban defense. But it will be freshman Jalen Hurts who powers Bama to another big conference win. Bama - 35, A&M - 17

Also, Texas just lost in Manhattan. Thanks again, Coach Snyder.

It’s about that time to start pre-gaming for the first primetime matchup of Oklahoma and Texas Tech in the last five seasons. I was hoping Gus Johnson and Joel Klatt would have the call tonight, but we’ll have to settle for Brady Quinn. This week’s Scene Setter is below... Boomer Sooner!