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Oklahoma Sooners Football: Let’s Beat Texas

A win on Saturday could help in a number of ways

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Texas Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

After a loss to Ohio State two weeks ago, Oklahoma fans everywhere were resigned to the fact that the Sooners’ season was lost. “We don’t care about winning the Big 12”, you’d hear from them (and me). “There’s nothing to accomplish”. Well, that’s not necessarily true. The Sooners need to finish the 2016 campaign with a good taste in their mouths, and that begins Saturday at the Cotton Bowl.

What happens the rest of the way in 2016 could have ramifications that last for years to come. Many have pointed out the talent gap that was witnessed in Norman two weeks ago and have complained about poor recruiting over the years. Well, OU is on it’s way to alleviating those concerns with a 2017 recruiting class that is among the best in the nation up to this point. However, those kids haven’t signed anything yet, and a rough season (which can lead to turmoil within the program) can put it all in jeopardy. Unlike Texas, OU can’t go 5-7 and then expect to flip a bunch of blue-chip recruits on Signing Day (as Texas did in 2016).

Speaking of Texas, Oklahoma needs to have a good showing against its primary football (and recruiting) rival on Saturday. Texas has won two out of three, and OU was outplayed in its only victory during the stretch. Needless to say, Texas has momentum in this series (inside the confines of the Texas State Fair, at least). During the stretch, it’s been a case of Texas being more prepared and simply wanting it more than OU. A win over Texas could potentially go a long way in winning some recruiting battles. It would be nice to have something to brag about to someone like Marvin Wilson, a mammoth defensive tackle from Houston who is considering both schools.

Outside of the context of recruiting, the 2016 season and the direction of the program, beating Texas is just amazing. It’s great for all OU fans, especially those who grew up as fans in Oklahoma and Texas (most OU fans). If you grew up in Oklahoma, it’s about taking down the flagship university of a state that has always looked down upon you. If you grew up in Texas, it’s about being able to make fun of the kids who gave you a hard time growing up. Even if you grew up in Texas without being an OU fan, you get to give crap to the people who questioned you for leaving the state.

Conversely, when OU loses...

Remember when I wrote about coping after a loss? Sometimes those things don’t work after a loss to Texas. Things get very, very nasty at the Commerce Street and Uptown bars after an OU loss. Sooner fans simply don’t handle losses to Texas very well (definitely worse than Texas fans handle it, in my experience). Example: Some buddies of mine didn’t have tickets to the game in 2013 and decided to watch the game at a bar in Downtown Dallas. Once things started to go awry in the game, one of my buddies started to take a turn for the worse. He got angrier and angrier as the day went on, and it all came crashing down that night. While at the Trophy Room, we were watching the end of the A&M-Ole Miss game on one of the overhead screens. Johnny Football made some miraculous plays down the stretch and gave Texas A&M a win. This was the final straw for my friend, who started fighting random Texas fans (who I’m sure were also upset about the outcome of said A&M game) and ended up outside trying to wrestle away from the grasp of the Dallas Police Department. When we bailed him out the next day, he was covered in scratches all over his body from being thrown in the bushes by the cops.

Sooner fans, I don’t want you to go to jail this coming weekend, but if you do go to jail, I want it to be the result of having a good time, not a bad time. That’s just the type of guy I am.

Boomer Sooner and TEXAS SUCKS!

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