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Oklahoma Sooners Football: The Sooners Are Back in the Polls

OU is ranked 20th in the AP Poll and 22nd in the Coaches Poll

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Texas Christian Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Oklahoma Sooners are back in the top 25 of both the AP Poll (No. 20) and the Coaches Poll (No. 22) this week after knocking off then-ranked TCU on Saturday. This ensures that this Saturday’s matchup against Texas isn’t a battle of unranked teams, which would’ve been a terrible look (as if playing on FS1 isn’t bad enough). Texas received one vote in the AP Poll and none in the Coaches Poll after looking terrible up in Stillwater. But with our luck, Texas will look like Alabama on Saturday, so I’m not gonna gloat too much.

Here are some observations on the polls:

  • Welcome back to big-time college football, Colorado! The Buffs are one spot behind the Sooners in both polls after about a decade in the college football wilderness. I think the game is a bit more fun when the Buffs are contenders, since their fans are as entertaining as any when their team is actually good. Seriously, I’d love to see College Gameday make a trip to Boulder again. It won’t happen this year (their home schedule isn’t great), but the signs would be incredible, and you’d definitely be able to see clouds of smoke coming from the crowd. There would also probably be a three-second delay on reactions to picks, which would be hilarious. When CU students decide to attend games instead of Phish shows, it’s quite an atmosphere in Boulder.
  • Trevor Knight and the No. 8 (AP)/7 (Coaches) Aggies will host the No. 9 Vols on Saturday, and College Station will host College Gameday. Will Tennessee win in dramatic fashion again this week? No. I think they’ll blow the doors off of A&M, actually. But you never know, since Trevor Knight ups his game against good SEC teams like he’s a Texas team playing Oklahoma.
  • I figured the 1930’s Manhattan AP voter would have some company this week, but he’s still the only one voting Michigan No. 1. Figured that would change after a win over a quality Wisconsin team combined with how good that Colorado win is looking right now.
  • The Big 12 now only has three ranked teams in each poll, with Texas and TCU slipping out after losses. However, the Mountaineers have finally entered the top 25 in both polls, and deservedly so after wins over Missouri, BYU and now K-State. Those aren’t incredible wins, but they’re better than the wins of a lot of other undefeated teams ahead of them in the polls.