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Notes from the Bob Stoops Press Conference - Baker Mayfield’s Return to Lubbock

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Stoops also fielded questions about Perine’s health and Brian Bosworth’s comments

Kansas State v Oklahoma Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

There’s a bit of a toll to pay after a relatively pedestrian victory against K-State. Stoops announced Perine will miss some time with what he called a muscle pull:

That would would put him back on the field by OU’s Thursday night visit to Iowa State or against Baylor in Norman, provided there are no setbacks. It sucks to have a talent like Perine miss any amount of time, but it’s made even worse that he probably will not break Billy Sims’ rushing this season:

An upside to Perine’s absence will be the unleashing of Joe Mixon as the workhorse back while Samaje gets right. Mixon is poised to mop it up in the interim.

Bob Stoops was, predictably, short on the matter of Brian Bosworth more or less calling for his job:

...alright then. Fair enough, Bob. Honestly, I agree that it doesn’t need to be brought up at a presser. A journalist’s job is to ask probing questions, but what is Bob supposed say here? “Yeah, and Boz’s juice-addled brain is 20 years past functional?” It’s a catch-22 for Stoops.

On the injury front, Matt Dimon and Charles Walker are likely to sit against Texas Tech:

Walker has completely dropped off the depth chart, and with each passing week, it seems less likely that we’ll see him play this season. Dimon’s injury seems more week-to-week, though.

Finally, asked about Mayfield’s return to Lubbock, Stoops acknowledged that he’d bring the subject up with Baker:

Stoops added that he’d leave most of the talk up to Lincoln Riley, who, like Mayfield, has his roots in Lubbock.

It will almost certainly be a hostile environment (with batteries and tortillas abound), but it’s nice to see Mayfield’s teammates go to bat for him:

It certainly could get chippy Saturday night in Lubbock.