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Oklahoma Sooners Football: Sooners Will Wear Alternate Unis Against Kansas State

Oklahoma will wear the Rough Rider uniforms for the first time since last year’s game at Kansas

West Virginia v Oklahoma Getty Images

The Oklahoma Sooners have announced that they will wear the “Rough Rider” uniforms against Kansas State on Saturday. If the photo is any indication, the Sooners will go with the red-red-white combo they used last year when hosting West Virginia.

These uniforms get mixed reviews from fans, bit I think they look great (depending on the combination). The combo being used this Saturday looked great last year, but I would absolutely love to see an all-red combo. However, I’m not sure how well the red pants would match with the red uniforms. It would be interesting to see it someday.

The Sooners are 3-1 when wearing the “Rough Rider” uniforms, with the only loss coming against Baylor in 2014. I spoke to one person after that game who stated that the Sooners had lost because the uniforms were a distraction. We obviously haven’t spoken since. He’s probably the same person who says things like, “Well, maybe our boys would play better if they weren’t on the Twitter all week”. I can’t relate to people with that type of worldview.