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Oklahoma Sooners Football: Sooners to Play Football and Dodge Batteries in Lubbock at 7 PM on FOX

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It’s fine to throw tortillas. Batteries? Not so much.

Texas v Texas Tech Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Oklahoma’s game at Texas Tech on Oct. 22 will be played at 7 PM and will be shown on FOX.

The Red Raider fans are always fired up when Oklahoma comes to town, but this matchup will top them all. Baker Mayfield will be making his long-awaited return to Lubbock, and the most hated man in West Texas will be catching a lot of flack. Oklahoma’s players may be catching a lot more than flack, however, when they play that evening.

You recall correctly, Brady. J.D. Runnels and Eric Mensik have both spoken out in the past about the fans in Lubbock, who are known as the most hostile in the conference. They’ve been known to throw tortillas in the past, which is fine. However, they have a newer tradition of freezing the tortillas (Note: This was claimed by a band director, so take it with a grain of salt). This causes the tortillas to fly further, but it can also potentially cause an injury. Batteries have also allegedly been thrown at the Oklahoma sideline in the past, causing the players to make sure to keep their helmets on. With the tensions running as high as they’ll be in Lubbock that night, I seriously hope no one gets hurt. I mean, you have to be the worst type of person to throw a battery at a group of people like that. I hope the security in Lubbock actually does something if one of these jack-offs tries to hurt out players. I’m not too confident in that, though.